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Dominate the Diamond Rookies Course

Rookie Course

(ages 6-8)



The Rookies Course assists coaches working with the beginner level baseball player typically ages 6-8. This course explains both the correct mechanics of each skill set as well as the drills used to teach it.

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Dominate the Diamond Minors

Minors Course

(ages 9-10)



The Minors course is an advanced version of the Rookie curriculum. The Minors course takes coaches through more advanced drill work and coaching techniques. This course was designed to assist baseball coaches…

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Majors Course

(ages 11-12)



The Majors Course is the most advanced course we offer, targeting coaches that have a team moving on to the bigger field. This course is intended for baseball coaches with players that already have a grasp…

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We Have Your Solution

Over the years we’ve seen well intentioned parents take on the title of “Coach” only to discover how challenging it can be. They end up overwhelmed, burned out and what’s worst, pass on a negative experience to their players. That’s why we’ve created an incredible online video training course for any inexperienced parent turned coach.

Amazon #1 Best Selling Authors

We wrote our book because each year we run free coach’s clinics for neighboring Little Leagues, educating their coaches, most of whom are parents and have never coached before. In most cases, these parents have volunteered their time because their child has asked them to coach their team. Without knowing what to do next, they attend our coach’s clinic.

After taking a 90-minute crash course in coaching, they realize they aren’t nearly as prepared as they hoped they would be. They needed more information. They needed more drills. They needed help utilizing assistant coaches and volunteer parents. They needed help motivating their players. Most of all, they needed help keeping 12 kids engaged, all at once in a sport where there tends to be a lot of standing around.

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Keeping the game fun!

Kids are leaving sports due to poor coaching at an alarming rate never to return. One bad coach can destroy a child’s passion for the game. Let’s keep our kids playing and having fun!

Our Vision for New Coaches

As coaches and former professional baseball players, Duke & Steve recognize and admire the dedication and commitment from parents taking on the title of coach. They share their love of baseball and coaching in this simple 5-step guide for even the most reluctant of parents taking on this challenge. Dominate the Diamond® is for anyone who has, or plans to take on the title of “Coach.” It was designed to assist coaches looking to better themselves as leaders and role models to young athletes all while equipping them with the tools necessary to leave a lasting impression on their players.

“An inventor, entrepreneur, and most importantly husband and dad of four. Duke holds numerous hitting records at the University of North Florida and spent four years playing professional baseball.”

Duke Baxter

Head Coach at Zoned Sports Academy as Well a Bestselling Author

“Steve attended and played baseball for Temple University before being selected by the Chicago White Sox in the 32nd round in 2012. He spent 4-years in professional baseball and now dedicates his professional career to coaching. Steve has coached thousands of athletes, one of which being his younger brother, Mike Nikorak, 1st round MLB draft pick in 2015 by the Colorado Rockies.”

Steve Nikorak

Coach, Best Selling Author and Co-Creator of Dominate the Diamond

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Praise from Customers & Colleagues

“When it comes to coaching, it’s vital to have the knowledge and insights to the game to lay out a plan for player development. Every successful baseball coach is also a humble student of the game. “Taking on the Title of Coach” is a valuable and comprehensive guide for coaches to use as a reference to TEACH the fundamental and advanced aspects of the game.”

Chris Blaquiere

Florida State College Jacksonville-Retired Head Coach

“Throughout my three decades as an owner in professional baseball, I’ve developed a tremendous appreciation for youth coaching. A good coach instills a love for the game that will last a lifetime. A great coach, armed with a plan and a positive outlook, can influence his or her players long after they leave the field. Duke Baxter and Steve Nikorak are GREAT coaches. “

Jeff Goldklang

President, Goldklang Group of Professional Baseball

“I was lucky enough to have Duke Baxter as a player at UNF. Not only for his talent as a baseball player but for his love of the game. He’s an exceptional instructor for all ages of players and his reputation as a coach and as a teacher are outstanding. I’m proud to say I coached Duke.”

Dusty Rhodes

Retired Coach, University of North Florida

“I purchased your course and I gotta say that it s amazing!! I am really impressed. Great videos, simple to understand and effective. This is my 2nd year as a little league coach and Ive been able to learn and use this to implement to our team and to my son. It s well worth it. Ty guys & Keep it up!!”

Omar Morales